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ShiftDirhiRezw-earth-3Thanks for coming to the SHiFT DiRECTORy of SLO County. It is FREE and provides a way to locate and connect with people who consider themselves involved in the current paradigm SHiFT in all various sectors. We have created categories that include all of us.

To make your own entry in the database, you must: 
1) register here,
2) log into the website here,
3) return to the page you are currently on and click on "Add Entry" above (will appear to the right of Search).

Fill out the Add Entry form with your name, profile picture, and other information.  Include both a short description of what you do (i.e. one or two sentences) and a long description with more detail.  At the top, choose one or more categories to file your entry under in the directory, by clicking on Select Category.  For the profile picture, you can use a photo of your person or the logo of your company or organization. If you wish to add more web links please add them in your detailed description.

This directory is fully searchable.  For example, you could type solar power san luis obispo, and you would get a list of all entries related to solar power in SLO.

If you need any assistance please call me (762-4848) or email me ( We hope that you are in agreement with the paradigm shift from which this Directory has been birthed.  Attention spammers:  Please do not attempt to spam our directory.  If necessary, we will report offending IP addresses to their respective Internet providers.

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