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From Neurons to Nirvana Trailer

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To see a longer trailer version that was at the original kickstarter site (plus more text about the film and its intention and its supporters), please visit HERE .

Oliver Hockenhull, the director of the film, writes:

Dear Bob Banner,

Thanks much for your note. Well the director's original cut of the film is done but I am personally in debt! It has taken alot out of me to make the film.

If you have a way to support the project, if you are connected to people who are willing to support it — I'd sure appreciate it.

People can donate via paypal on my page for the film here:


We will be releasing a popular version of it this year (2013), don't know when and don't know where yet but we are well on our way of completing a popular release of the work.

For every donation above $25 I'll supply a download link when the film is done.

Thanks much for your support and interest. I'll keep you informed of it as it nears release in any case.


_____________ more material ___________

FROM NEURONS TO NIRVANA: THE GREAT MEDICINES is a feature documentary which has shot interviews with some of the world's foremost researchers, writers, and pioneers in psychedelic psychotherapy. These radical healers and dissenters are using everything from ancient concoctions to newly created designer molecules and drugs which were once considered the "demon drugs" of the '60s as essential medicines and believe that they should be available for use in treatment.

This richly illustrated documentary is poised to tap into a phenomenon which has only recently and superficially touched the mainstream media. November 2008, CNNʼs Dr. Sanjay Gupta presented a segment on Iraq War PTSD veterans who testified to the efficacy of therapy enhanced by MDMA. A December 18, 2008 headline on a double-page spread inThe Economist stated, "Ecstasy may be good for those who can't get over something truly horrible." Even Fox Network ran a (misleading) headline stating that LSD might 'extend the life of terminal ill patients'. What's new is that for the first time in nearly two generations the use of these drugs is not being presented as harmful or as self-indulgent, but as a rational and valuable addition to therapeutic practice.

Banned worldwide from research labs for nearly 35 years, mind-altering drugs from Ecstasy to LSD are again becoming the focus of serious scientific study. Researchers in several centers, including John Hopkins and the University of California, are conducting clinical trial to treat a range of afflictions: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), addictions, and the psychological stresses suffered by late-stage terminal cancer patients. The initial results of all these studies is remarkable.

But the story is much bigger than these trials. Outside the research centers, a growing population is embarking on psychic adventures using all manner of exotic substances natural and synthetic, illegal and not-yet-illegal. Experimenters and clients of licensed therapists use these underground drugs not as escape routes, nor as addictive crutches, but in a quest for transformation, mental health, creativity, intellectual and spiritual enhancement and insight.

From Neurons to Nirvana introduces a vibrant spectrum of characters that champion psychoactive drugs as medicines and as enhancers. Noted contributors include Amanda Feilding, Countess of Wemyss, director of the Beckley Foundation to Further Consciousness; Dr. Michael Mithoefer who conducted groundbreaking, successful posttraumatic stress disorder trials with MDMA; Dr. Dennis McKenna, author, ethnopharmacologist, expert on DMT and Ayahuasca, and Dr. Gábor Máté, the award winning Vancouver author and expert on addictions.

Using state of the art HD image processing, filmmaker Oliver Hockenhull intellectually engages his viewers with riveting subject matter, and uses a visually stunning approach to give the audience tantalizing glimpses into the exquisitely beautiful world of the psychedelic experience.

From Neurons To Nirvana explores the promise of brave new advances in psychopharmacology and neuroscience, guiding the viewer in a thought-provoking journey, led by those determined to hold open the doors of perception.

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