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Geo-engineering News Sheet

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What if there were a monumental environmental threat that you didn’t even know was happening?

    What if you found out it is affecting your health and that of people you know and love?
    We are not talking about fracking, nuclear energy, or the oil industry. We’re not even talking about climate change.
    What if it came into use in an insidious way, just as GMO foods have come into our food supply without our knowledge? What if it appeared to be harmless, but it wasn’t? And what if it were so cleverly woven into our culture that we didn’t even see it anymore? What if it were so masterfully stigmatized and wrapped in controversy that if you thought it strange or concerning, you’d be scorned or ignored?
    It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. It’s happening right above you, and it’s called “geoengineering”.

You can find articles and debates in which scientists are proposing to “dim” the sun to slow down climate change, using a technique called “Solar Radiation Management” (SRM). Their concept is to mimic the dimming and cooling effects of a volcanic eruption and existing particulate pollution made by human activity. However, it has been out of the proposal stage for quite some time, and even though officials will not admit it, SRM is already in full-scale operation.

SRM sounds like a viable solution to slowing climate change, and scientists have repeated how “cheap” it is over and over again. But it comes with a price. In fact, it comes with many.

Global climate engineering/geoengineering programs are radically disrupting weather patterns, disrupting the hydrological cycle (causing drought in some areas, flooding others), destroying the ozone layer, and contaminating the entire planet with the toxic fallout from these atmospheric spraying operations.


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by bob banner

Ive been involved with media for a long time.. ever since I started my first newspaper called ROCHESTER's PEOPLEs PAPER in Rochester Michigan, a town where I attended Oakland University in 1970. I wanted to share the information of the up and coming new world, or so I thought the new world was going to look like. So at an early age I had this bug to share, to communicate, to show films (actually a year later I showed my very first 35mm film at a media center at O.U. around 1971, something about radical politics).

For some reason I never trusted consensus reality so I started a journal "exposing" consensus reality as a way for me to learn more about what else is out there besides an old worn out sense of politics, a spirituality that was out of touch with real needs and aspirations of real people, a medical model that seemed to simply desire to control. One may even see some issues that I published back in 1980 to 1989, called CRITIQUE: EXPOSING CONSENSUS REALITY. Looks like many issues are gone except for the one on Sexuality (HERE). It started off as a journal but then grew into a magazine format that was distributed around the world... yet I never let my tennis friends know what I was doing. I was too shy to reveal this mysterious strange side of myself.

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EarthDayMonthFiLMs: APRIL, 2014

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MonthFiLMs : APRIL 2014

Tickets typically at $10 each film
The monthly series is $35, half price (without dinner). Please pay online to register;

Call 762 4848 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

If you wish to know more about WHY I do this since its not about the MONEY but its about the message, about my mission in life. Visit HERE.


April 10
, Thursday, 6pm
at Nature’s Touch on Main St.
Albert Einstein once said: “If bees ever die out, mankind will have only four years left to live”.
In the past five years, billions of honeybees simply vanished for reasons still obscure. If the bees keep dying, it will have drastic effects for humans as well: more than one third of our food production depends on pollination by honeybees. Seeking answers, the film embarks on a world journey to discover bees and men. MORE THAN HONEY is the provocative yet touching tale of what may happen to mankind all over the world.

Details, Trailer
: http://www.hopedance.org/events/icalrepeat.detail/2014/04/10/589

Cosponsored by SLO Permaculture Guild
Facebook INVITE Page:


April 12
, Saturday, dinner 6pm, film at 7pm $15
LOOK UP! part 2 of the Chemtrail Series
at the Atascadero Grange Hall, Palma
Details, trailer : http://www.hopedance.org/events/icalrepeat.detail/2014/04/12/581
Facebook INVITE page:


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