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Green-washing “Sustainability”

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By Shepherd Bliss

“Sustainability” has become a buzzword. But what does “sustainability” really mean? One definition is that it requires a triple-E bottom line—economics, the environment and equity. However, this word sometimes is used to “green-wash” and promote things that are not sustainable. Genuine sustainability must be evidence-based. But language can be used to conceal rather than reveal.

Lets explore what is currently occurring in the small town of Sebastopol, Northern California, as a case study. In 2001 a salon was formed called Sustainable Sebastopol. It engaged in various activities and had an email list with over 2500 posts, covering a range of sustainability issues, including neighborhood toxics, car-free days and auto alternatives, renewable energy, local organic food production, and appropriate land use development. 

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Earning HOURS while volunteering for your favorite non-profits

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Imagine if you will, various non profits that you really love and care for and help with.. Imagine you can earn HOURS that you can exchange for various services, like plumbing, massage, a car drive, a meal made or a class to learn how to cook, sew, prune, etc......

more people cleaning creeks or the ocean
spreading the publicity and promotional efforts of ECOSLO or the Sierra Club
or the clean up after an event to entice people to clean up and earn HOURS
or to add those email addresses into your data base
or postering flyers for an event
or making those precious phone calls to the media
or putting on an event....
or all the hours spent on volunteering at various Grange Halls throughout CA: painting, gardening, paving, orchestrating events


The following article explains it very well (the bold type comes from meau)....
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Small Town Sebastopol -- Frontline Battle

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Against Chase Bank/CVS Pharmacy/Armstrong Developer

By Shepherd Bliss

Small town Sebastopol residents in Northern California have been waging a fierce David vs. Goliath struggle against the powerful Chase Bank, CVS Pharmacy, and Armstrong Development for over two years. The implications of this struggle extend beyond this one town, as big business continues to seek to expand its wealth.

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