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A new "Die Before You Die" workshop with Dan Posney

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A new "Die Before You Die" workshop with Dan Posney

by Bob Banner

A new friend invited me to join with him and some friends to participate in a workshop called Die Before You Die, a three-hour event. Since lately I've been talking and contemplating about dying before I die more so than ever, I decided to make a reservation to attend.

About a week before the workshop, Dan Posney posted more specifics about it namely that it was going to include some Holotropic Breathwork*, music, some guided meditation around dying and rebirthing. An immediate "yes" came to me originally and again as I read the specifics. I just returned from the workshop and wish to jot my notes down before I lose the fresh memory of the class.

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by Bob Banner

We love to laugh. I love to laugh. Laughing is now regarded as beneficial to our physical health as well as mental health. We expel stale air from our lungs. We increase oxygen flow by taking in gulps of air when we laugh. It massages the spleen, the liver, the heart. We often feel a glow after a bout of laughter. All our worries seem to fall away and oftentimes those feelings, those wonderful feelings often stay with us for a while. And if one is laughing, we often discover many of our problems don't seem to be that important. It's almost as if the human being simply prefers laughing.

So how come we don't do it very often? According to Albert Nerenberg, the director of a current documentary called Laughology, seriousness has become a serious problem in the West. And many people have lost their laugh and have become almost obsessively serious. In fact it happened to him (and me) and this why he decided to make a film about it. His film investigates in detail the history of laughter as compared to humor. Robert Provine, author of the book called Laughter, in an interview in Albert's film, says that humor is tens of thousands years old while laughter is millions of years old; and he goes on to say that our laugh is related to animals who pant as they play. He says their panting is very similar to the sound of our “ha ha ha” laughter. Try it out for yourself and use the words “ha ha ha” as if you're panting and you'll get the gist.

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Laughing 'better than latest technology for leg ulcers'

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Laughing helps get blood flowing round the body

Laughing 'better than latest technology for leg ulcers'

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A good old belly laugh can help heal leg ulcers, experts say.

The Leeds University team said good nursing and the occasional laugh was a better way to get the body healing than using the latest technology.

Hospitals and health clinics are increasingly using low-dose ultrasound for leg ulcers.

But the five-year study of 337 patients found it did nothing to speed up recovery, the British Medical Journal reported.

'Hearty chuckle'

Instead, lead researcher Professor Andrea Nelson said: "They key to care with this group of patients is to stimulate blood flow back up the legs to the heart. The best way to do that is with compression bandages and support stocking coupled with advice on diet and exercise.

"Believe it or not, having a really hearty chuckle can help too. This is because laughing gets the diaphragm moving and this plays a vital part in moving blood around the body."

During the study, the team concentrated on patients with hard-to-heal ulcers that had not cleared up after six months or longer.

They found that adding ultrasound to the standard approach to care - dressings and compression therapy - made no difference to the speed of healing or the chance of ulcers coming back.

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