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Home Soul It's Not Easy Being An Indigo

It's Not Easy Being An Indigo

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by Holly Hansen

Imagine feeling like an alien or freak everywhere you go. Crowds are a nightmare; you can see and or feel other peoples' emotions or energy. You realize the world we live in is one big joke that nobody else gets, and you are forced to play along. You feel like nobody understands or really gets you.  It is not easy being an Indigo child. How do I know? Well, I am one.

There are so many names or labels for us that I have lost count--Indigo, old soul, star kid, crystal, rainbow, transitional, highly sensitive, psychic children, new children, children of the now, just to name a few. Many of the young children now are Crystal Children, but this article will mainly focus on the Indigos. The medical community loves to put labels on us, as well. Not all ADD, Autistic or Special Needs’ children are Indigos, but many are.

Indigo children, generation X, and Y, were born in the 70's-90's, and are in their 30s, 20s and teens. Indigos can be highly sensitive children who are wise beyond their years. Some seem to be dialed into a higher frequency than the rest of the general public. Some are intuitive and have psychic abilities, some do not. Most are gifted in some area of their life, are high-energy creative beings and have a sense of who they are and why they are here--a grand sense of purpose.

Indigos are the truth seekers, spiritual warriors and Paradigm shifters. Knowing the old ways need to give way to the new, they get angry when they witness lies and injustice--in systems and in people. Integrity in all is a must. They are the ones who are coming into their own right now. They are shining their light on the old systems that do not serve the highest good of the whole. These systems are starting to crumble. Have you watched the news lately? Organizations for finance, health, food, politics, education, and the environment are all changing. As a phoenix rising the Indigos feel a karmic duty to rebuild these old, archaic models that feed greed, ego, and fear, and rebuild them into ones that work for the greater good of society with the energy of love, compassion, empathy and service.

How do you know if you are an Indigo, or if your child is one?  If you have felt like you do not relate to your family or peers for most of your life, and really only connect with like-minded new-thought folk, than you might be an Indigo. Or, if your child acts like a little adult or Buddha trapped inside a 6 year-old body, then you might have an Indigo. If you or your child are sensitive to everything, and I mean EVERYTHING--energy, people, places, light, sounds, smells, foods, chemicals, and medication—you may be an Indigo.

Additionally, Indigos need education that is progressive and autonomy in all that they choose to learn. Other helpful things for Indigos include: a balance between Eastern and Western holistc life styles, meditation and yoga, creative movement and expression/physical outlet, room to play and explore, a quiet place to just be, solitude time to just download our day and decompress. Music, and art serve as medicine for Indigos as does companionship with other Indigos. We always find each other and have a deep understanding of what we have gone though. A special spark happens when we make eye contact, and, thus, find each other “again”. It is like coming home. We understand that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Indiglow Healing is a series of meditations, classes and support groups that help teach these New Kids how to ground, shield, and re-connect to their natural healing abilities.

If you have any questions/comments about being an Indigo, or would like to set up an Indiglow Healing appointment contact me at (805) 440 3582 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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