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by Donaleen Saul

The 2012 Tipping Point Prophets Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada

On July 23 – 25, 2010, 880 days away from December 21, 2012, the most talked about date in human history, 350 people at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University, and many more in the virtual world, gathered to experience an extraordinary transmission of wisdom from people who have devoted their lives to midwifing the galactic metamorphosis that is upon us.

The galaxy of presenters included:

•    Flordemayo, Curandera Espiritu, healer, Mayan Priestess, and founding member of the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
•    John Kimmey, teacher of the Hopi prophecy; founder of the Sustainable Native Agriculture Center in New Mexico, and author of Light on the Return Path
•    John Major Jenkins, pioneer of the 2012 movement and author of nine books on Mesoamerican cosmology, including The 2012 Story – The Myths, Fallacies and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History
•    Daniel Pinchbeck, prominent journalist, editorial director of the on-line magazine, Reality Sandwich, and author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl
•    Barbara Marx Hubbard, Buckminster Fuller’s philosophical heir, co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and producer of the recent feature documentary, Visions of a Universal Humanity

•    Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros (via DVD), Mayan cultural teacher, leading authority on Chichen Itza and the pyramid of K'u-Kuul-Kaan, and author of several books on the Maya
•    John Perkins, former economist and author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, noted authority on shamanism, author of several books on the Maya and other indigenous cultures, and founder of Dream Change, an organization devoted to sustainable lifestyles
•    Llyn Roberts, renowned teacher of healing and shamanism, and author of The Good Remembering and the upcoming book, Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness: Heal and Transform Yourself and Our World with Ancient Shamanic and Modern Methods
•    Richard Tarnas, former director of programs and education at The Esalen Institute, founding director of the graduate program in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and author of The Passion of the Western Mind
•    Jose Arguelles, initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of 1987, one of the originators of Earth Day, and author of The Mayan Factor, which first introduced December 21, 2012 to the public



•    Andrew Harvey, Oxford scholar, visionary, architect of Sacred Activism, and author of several books on spiritual subjects, including The Hope – A Guide to Sacred Activism

In a free-range, three-day, impossible-to-capture conversation that spanned the Seven Directions, antiquity and posterity, time and space, Life and Death, Earth and Cosmos, speakers and participants alike turned their attention to this question:

What is the significance of 2012?

Like all good questions, it has many answers.

First, December 21, 2012 marks the completion of Ancient Maya’s Long Count Calendar, known as the 13 Baktun Cycle, or Great Cycle. According to Mayan scholar, John Major Jenkins, the ancient Maya pinpointed that date to target a rare alignment of the December solstice sun and the Milky Way, an event that happens approximately every 26,000 years. Far from being the apocalypse trumpeted in the popular media, Jenkins sees it as a time of transmutation, birth, and renewal, of transcending the limitations of the ego, of sacred union between Father Sun and Mother Galaxy.

Artist and anthropologist Jose Arguelles refers to this point in history as a convergence of Mayan and Babylonian time and the end of the artificial world governed by the Gregorian calendar that, in his view, programs us for confusion, diminishes our telepathic and intuitive capacities, and mechanizes all aspects of society. The first stage of going beyond matter, he considers this time of radical transformation to be “the greatest event on Earth since the origin of biology 500 million years ago.”

Philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas highlights December 21, 2012 as part of an astrological event that is already in process. The T-Square configuration of the heavy hitter planets Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto amplified by a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction are inducing “volcanically intense evolutionary pressures to radically reconfigure all life structures.” Deep acceleration of the powers of Nature evinced by dramatic climate change; technological breakdowns; and collapsing corporate and governmental structures are already evident. Tarnas points out that human participation is the critical factor and that new beginnings, creative breakthroughs, unexpected births, greater optimism, and “promethean awakenings” are also part of this rare phenomenon.

Maya Wisdom Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, says that the Mayans knew of this change 2000 years ago as did many other ancient peoples. In his view, “Maya” is a level of consciousness equivalent to “Avalon,” “Satori,” “Nirvana,” and many other terms used to express an awakened or enlightened state, a state that he sees as the merging of the mind, “the lab of science,” with the heart, “the lab of the innermost.” He says that this awakening is already occurring, that the knowledge we need is coming to us from many sources, and that we need only look within to receive it.

Author Daniel Pinchbeck doesn’t see 2012 as a literal date but as “the hinge point of a shift” that he calls “the wisdom revolution,” a rapid transition from the biological to the psychic phase of human species evolution. He speculates that climate change, and the concomitant threat of an extinction event that it poses, may be the crisis that will force the evolution of our psychic capacities, like those exercised in the Hopi people’s Kachina dances that have brought rain to their parched homeland in the desert.  Emerging from that could be the co-creation of a sustainable global community designed according to the principles of Nature.

John Kimmey may be the last carrier of the Hopi prophecy, entrusted to him by Hopi elders with whom he apprenticed for many years. Kimmey makes it clear that this prophecy, which also foretold this time of great transformation, is not strictly a prediction, a disempowering perspective in his view. Rather it is a specific series of instructions to help us in the latter stages of this Time of Purification, which began in 1945. Our task at this time is to work out our “two-hearted tendencies,” meaning those habits and behaviors that are ego-based and out of keeping with the natural order.

Mayan elder and healer Flordemayo makes it clear that she does not represent the Maya or anyone else but has learned to attend to the visions and dreams that are her medicine and that carry a collective message for humanity. She says that 2012 represents the end of a cycle for all living creatures on this planet, that “we have been given the wisdom” to transmute darkness to light, and that a strong relationship with The Creator is essential.

Barbara Marx Hubbard sees herself as “an Elder from the future” who has devoted her life to the question, “What is the meaning of humanity’s destructive power that is good?”  She sees the December 21, 2012 date as the pinnacle of a process that she calls, “the Christification of the Earth,” the emergence of the Gnostic human, and the gathering of humanity into a single body. Marx Hubbard emphasizes that this potent time is “not just about what’s being destroyed, it’s about what’s being created.”

Teacher and healer Llyn Roberts, echoes this view in her words, ”We are creating a field of consciousness,” and urges us to become receptive to the Unseen, to remember the permeability of solid matter, and to “attune to the subtle rhythm of what is newly birthing.”

Her teaching partner, economist and activist John Perkins, says that we don’t have to wait until 2012 – the change is more than evident in the crises facing every life form on the planet – overpopulation of humans, extinction of countless other species, declining resources, etc. Having focused almost exclusively on the way of the eagle, which emphasizes mind, science and industry, it is incumbent upon us to embrace the condor path, which emphasized, heart, intuition and environment – “We can dance in one sky together.”

For sacred activist Andrew Harvey, 2012 marks an unprecedented evolutionary crisis for all of humanity, a Dark Night of the Soul that affords a stripping away of our fantasies and illusions. He believes that humanity faces either total destruction or mystical transformation – each course is immanent but not certain. The outcome depends on enough people being “simultaneously illumined enough and heartbroken enough to take action.”

Despite coming from different perspectives and traditions, a number of common themes emerged from the presentations.

“We’re in a race between initiation and catastrophe.”

There was universal agreement that the status quo is not an option. Arguelles refers to humanity as “an out of control heterotroph,” that has, in Tarnas’ words, created  “a solar masculine crisis.” Tarnas says an unwillingness to acknowledge the anima mundi, the soul of the world, and the absence of rites of passage into spiritual maturity means that everyone in charge of the world’s nation-states is still an adolescent.

Both Perkins and Pinchbeck agree that we cannot solve our current problems with our unstable global financial system dominated by cutthroat corporations that have cannibalized the world’s resources, controlled the media, and crippled national governments under their control. Harvey urges us to “be wary of corporate fascism and the attendant media-enslaved population stupefied by fear. These are dangerous times.”

Marx Hubbard doesn’t dispute any of this but maintains that this degree of threat has been needed to awaken enough of us to the realities that we face – “Initiation needs an element of uncertainty in it or it lacks power.” 

“Nothing has the power to reconfigure moral values like a near death experience”

Pinchbeck pointed out that it is futile to blame corporations forced into ruthlessness by the system that created them. As Tarnas stresses, “All aspects of the current crisis come from the same mistake – separating self from the other.” He argued that as a species we are collectively bringing about a life-death crisis to force a shamanic descent with the potential to transform us into what John Kimmey calls “one-heartedness.” One-heartedness occurs when every single life form lives in harmony and balance with every other life form – “It’s our true nature,” Kimmey says, “encoded in our DNA.”

Jenkins emphasized the Mayan teaching that calls for sacrifice, which they equate with humility. This isn’t literal human sacrifice but a sacrifice of the illusions of the ego – for example, sacrificing envy for philanthropy or anger for peace. Arguelles extended this vision when he said, “We’re here to evolve a culture of peace, to transform the Earth into a work of art.”

“A new story is being born among us now.”

Tarnas, Marx Hubbard and many others characterized the global crisis as a birth crisis. The old age of the world is passing away and a new age is struggling to be born. Flordemayo described a vision that came to her in March of 2010, a vision of a golden child with almond eyes into which she could see the Universe. She said that this vision has appeared elsewhere – for example, in Upper State New York, Iowa, and Germany: “The time is here. The time has come.”

“Daughter, you have the power.”

The emergence of the feminine was another shared theme. Marx Hubbard noted that, “Women are turning on all over the world,” and pointed to the large numbers of women falling in love with their inner calling/essence/creativity, particularly women past menopause, which she renamed, “regenopause.” Tarnas pointed out that it is limiting to assign solar to the masculine and lunar to feminine, that it is also important to experience and cultivate the solar dimension of the feminine.

“The innate human desire to express creativity will be the driving force for the future.”

The power of the creative was implicit if not explicit in all of the presentations. Arguelles began his presentation by playing the flute and invoking the seven directions. He also presented some of his fellow presenters with banners of peace. Harvey’s presentation carried with it the cadences of the theatre. Calleros said, “If you can believe, you can create. If you can create, you can manifest.” Kimmey said that whatever we manifest through inspiration, that is what we can offer to the Great Spirit. Marx Hubbard said that saying yes to being creative “is the equivalent to saying yes to the God-force.” She extended an invitation to take our highest vision, hold it as real and consider that everything that we have ever done in our lives has contributed to it. This is the way to divine meaning from all aspects of our lives.

“Do not look outside yourself for the leader.”

Pinchbeck said, “We are past the time for gurus.” Calleros reminded us that the Ancient Maya had no word for “teacher” – they said “Grandma” or “Grandpa” instead. Arguelles said, “The Age of religions is over.” Perkins told the story of sitting next to the Dalai Lama on the plane, quite by chance, and discussing his book, Shapeshifting: Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation, that His Holiness just happened to be reading. Perkins passed on His Holiness’ advice: “Don’t become a Buddhist. The world has enough Buddhists. But do practise compassion.” Perkins told those gathered at the conference, “No one can do it for us…Shapeshifting is our responsibility.” Flordemayo said, “One thing we are lacking as humans is knowing how to step into our power, how to become what we have come here to do.” Tarnas stressed that if we’re conscious in our participation with the archetypal forces that are reshaping our reality, the less we will be puppets of them.

“The only thing that works is co-creation.”

Everyone, without exception, emphasized the vital importance of uniting with others in the challenge before us. Kimmey said, “We can’t get out of the mire of the fourth world and into the clarity of the fifth world alone. We have to do it collectively.” Marx Hubbard urged evolutionary women to partner with evolutionary men out of a passion to create – a calling more essential than marriage. Perkins spoke of the happiness that comes from connection, from feeling our oneness: “If everyone uses their talents and passions and follows the same path, we will get there…We have to get that the whole world is our home.” Arguelles insisted that, “We have to synchronize with others and create a unified field of consciousness, to merge our identity into one singular thought form beyond egoic consciousness.” Harvey too spoke of moving beyond egotism: “It’s not enough to do this alone. It is meant to be done together.”

“It’s already in our hearts”

The wisdom emerging from the 2012 prophecy, in its myriad of forms, is not new information. Marx Hubbard said it is more of a reminder of what we already know, “part of an evolutionary process of our species.” Kimmey said: “Our earliest ancestors made a contract with the Creator. We’re all qualified for this.”

Acting upon this birthright is critical. Calleros said: “We need to follow the path of the inner warrior…Make your actions speak.” Harvey concurred: “We have to give an inspiring example of another way to live…The future depends on you and me really getting going. It is time to claim our own power.”

Donaleen Saul is a West Vancouver writer who writes about creativity, spirituality, education, health, and other subjects. http://www.donaleensaul.com.

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