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What Cambrians Can Do BEFORE the Faucets Run Dry (or after, if it comes to that)

By William L. Seavey

It’s NOT inconceivable that some towns in California, including Cambria, may simply run out of water before this drought is over.
  One report suggests there are 17 small towns, including Willits, population 6000, that are vulnerable.   In such case there is a definite possibility that eventually  when you turn on your faucet, flush your toilet or start up your dishwasher,  nothing will come out.

Mandatory water restrictions in Cambria imposed by the CCSD starting March 1, 2014 will require a cut back  to two units per resident per month, or 50 gallons a day or 4 units per billing cycle to reduce consumption.  All irrigating has been banned.  (The average Californian uses 150 gallons per day so this will be a true hardship).    You can apply to get an additional 4 units per billing period if there are two persons in your household to avoid a first violation 500% surcharge.   Even for Cambrians, who are used to using 10-12 units (average) per billing period, 4 or even 8 units will be  difficult to achieve, though not impossible if toilets aren’t  flushed regularly,  showers are shortened, and clothing is washed less often.

However, it may well come to pass that the CCSD could start cutting off delivery during certain low well periods, just like electric utilities do in certain parts of the Mideast.  Long before this, however, there are threats in place to terminate your water delivery within three billing periods if you fail to meet the new draconian standards-- not to mention the imposition of additional penalties/fines.

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Author And Blogger Tammy Strobel Shares Her Tiny Home And Tips For Living A Simple, Happy Life

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In the beginning of September, Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith moved from Portland, Oregon, to a ranch in northern California. But unlike many homeowners who move, the couple did not have to put their current home on the market or pack up their belongings into moving trucks. Instead, they simply attached their 128-square-foot home (which is on wheels) to the back of a Ford F350, and drove 400 miles to its new location.

This freedom and flexibility is just one of the many benefits Strobel notes about living a simpler, debt-free life in a tiny home. Without financial stress holding them back like it had previously, they are more prepared for drastic life changes. "Jobs move, people lose jobs, people die. So how can you structure your life so that you're more flexible and embrace the good stuff even when loss makes it really really difficult?" she asks. For her and Smith, the answer was a tiny home.

It took about five years for the couple to downsize, first moving to smaller and smaller apartments. Each time they moved into a smaller place, they got rid of more, Strobel says. And it took a lot of reminding themselves of what items they actually needed and used. "Keeping that in mind as a big picture as we moved along was super helpful," she says. "Also, I'm always reminding myself that my relationships are more important to me than stuff." Strobel and Smith even went as far as to sell both of their cars, which allowed them to pay off their debt faster.

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by Becky Jorgeson

There’s a shift happening here in SLO.  Every paper you pick up lately has something about homelessness.  We are grateful. Time for change.
Hope’s Village of SLO, now incorporated, has filed for nonprofit status and anticipates it by year’s end. We are looking at rural land to purchase where privacy will be afforded to all concerned. Hope’s Village board members have been working with county staff to ensure all requirements are met -we are grateful for their help. Construction will start with the common house, which will have a commercial kitchen, bathrooms and laundry facilities. The villagers and a team of volunteers will build thirty sustainably-designed cabins.
The village will serve local adults unable to find other housing. It will look like a mini neighborhood with human scale houses - well insulated and built to last. Hope’s Village will empower our unhoused citizens to contribute their own array of talents and abilities to the community.

There will be zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol or violence. Everyone at the village will work and contribute. They will receive training with new skills that can lead to employment and to help sustain the village. This self-sufficient program will benefit local government by reducing associated costs of homelessness and crime.  
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