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Mothers and Allies Challenge Wine Industrialist

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Half a dozen mothers from small town and rural Sebastopol in Northern California quickly rallied hundreds of people to their side to challenge Sonoma County’s Paul Hobbs Winery. He wants to convert a 40-acre apple orchard into a vineyard that would use pesticides; it borders five schools on Watertrough Road, including Apple Blossom and Orchard View. Together they have around 700 children, as well as many teachers, staff, neighbors and wildlife.

The mothers only found out in late April about Hobbs’ plan and in less than a week got over 400 signatures on their petition “Stop alcohol firms from endangering children and the environment.” The conversion has been in process for around a year--as some school officials apparently knew—but parents did not find about it until recently, when workers in hazmat suits showed up to demolish a house and barn.

“We are deeply troubled by the cumulative, chronic, and acute health effects from the use of pesticides, fumigants, insecticides, rodenticides, and other toxic chemicals,” the petition notes.

Parents complain that this fast-moving conversion has had no public input yet and is reaching its final stage. They see it as primarily a health issue. The parents are especially concerned about the possible presence--after decades of pesticide use in the orchard--of lead arsenate in the soil and the damage it is known to do to children.

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The journey to nourishment

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by Virginia Marum

My husband and I have had a dual interest in wellness since long before we met 9 years ago.  I had been working at a fitness facility, getting my biomechanics certifications in Los Angeles, and he had been working, ironically, at the facility that developed the biomechanics certification in Dallas.  While due to some amazing moments of fate that we met, the key bonding factor of our relationship, which remains today, is our obsession and fascination with food.   On our anniversaries we remember fondly that our first meeting was salivating over a Thai Fried Basil Marinated Beef Steak with Pepper Sauce.


I tell you our background to develop the other consistent theme in our lives, outside of our obsession with the love of food, is our dealings with clients or patrons who have an obsession with food, but in the negative light – the one that brings large levels of guilt, thus, a lack of enjoyment.

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The Buck Slows Here – Why the Time for Slow Money is Now

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 The Buck Slows Here Slow Money slow food investing Carlo Petrini
By Woody Tasch

There is no such thing as money that is too fast.

This was one of the certainties of the Old World of Finance.

But now, here we are, on the shores of a New World of Finance that none of us asked to explore — listening to the blandishments of investment bank CEOs apologizing for $6 billion mistakes and, then, to halting arguments about regulation that strike some as a bunch of pea shooters aiming at a predator drone.

It’s as if, on our way to the far-flung territories of Endless Growth and Unending Consumer Confidence and a 20,000 Dow, we’d awoken after a superstorm, stranded on the shores of R.H. Tawney’s seminal historic insight: “The certainties of one age are the problems of the next.”

There is no such thing as money that is too fast.

This certainty of our age is leaving many mounting problems for the next.

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