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Home Awakenings Bashar answers some questions

Bashar answers some questions

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Questions from audience: I was thinking of asking about the future.
Bashar: What future?

Q: About the new Aquarian Age and how it¹s going to be different from the Age of Pisces.
B: Well, you already know that the idea is that you are creating peace and harmony. This is what we are calling the fourth density reality. It will be where synchronicity will be commonplace. Where you will become a little more rarefied, in that way rely less and less upon physicality. You may eat less, you may sleep less. You may see the world around you as brighter, more colorful, more energetic, in that way. You will begin to see and hear things that are beyond your senses now, for you will expand the idea of what your senses are. You will travel to the stars. There will be many things that will be representative of the idea of the new unity that you will create in fourth density reality that you are referring to as the so called Aquarian Age.

Q: What¹s going to happen to people who can¹t make it to the fourth density?
B: Then they will create and continue to create a parallel third density reality, but they will not reincarnate in your world.

Q: Why is this happening?
B: Why not?

Q: I don¹t understand why people should be left behind.
B: It is their own choosing. They are not being left behind. It is their own choosing to experience certain ideas that they feel they need for their growth. No one is left behind, anywhere. For you are never really going anywhere. You are all right here and right now, living different ideas of what NOW means to you. It is only different, not better ­ that is a judgment. Do you follow me?

Q: I follow you but I don¹t understand it.
B: Understand that for many thousands of years your civilization has chosen to explore the idea of forgetfulness, limitation, judgment. Now, the majority of your civilization at this time is beginning to open up to the possibility of integration, of remembering who you are, and creating this state of existence that represents that remembrance ­ what you call the world of peace and harmony that is your Aquarian Age. But many individuals are here for different reasons, for their own reasons. Not all of them although it is the vast majority that are ­but not all of them are here to experience your particular world transformation. They are here to experience other types of endeavours, and so they will simply not be part and parcel of the definition of going into the Aquarian Age. It is not a loss, it is simply a definition of the path they have chosen at this time. They will experience that transformation somewhere else and ³someone else.²

Q: I don¹t understand why there is so much suffering and why we have to choose that kind of stuff right now.

B: Because you have chosen to experience limitation. The idea of suffering goes along with that definition. Simply, there is no need to create a more profound reason other than the fact that you can do it. Because you want to experience every single corner of what is possible in All That Is, and your society as a whole has chosen to experience to great, great degrees, the complete and total exploration of physical limitation and forgetfulness. Understand something: it is a statement and a belief that you are strong enough to do so, that has allowed you choose and experience all that you have called suffering. But now you have experienced those ideas for many tens of thousands of years. You are now at the end of that cycle and that is why your civilization is beginning to get an understanding that it does not need to suffer any more ­ and that is why you are considering all these alternatives. That should let you know that this transformational life is the life in which every single individual that is upon your planet at this time can, for him or herself, have the revelation and the realization that they do not need to suffer any more. If all the suffering that they have created has been their creation then that degree of control is what lets them know that they have the control to create no more suffering. Do you follow me?

Q: Hhmm.
B: It has been an experience, because you could experience it. Do not forget that it is only your ego that judges the idea. To the Higher Self, the Oversoul, every experience is a learning experience and is taken as a part of the spiritual growth. Suffering, to the Higher Self, is not seen as intrinsically ³bad.² It is seen as a choice, as an experience. Because the soul wants to experience all that it can of All That Is. Polarity, positive and negative, are parts of all existence. So, in your strength you have chosen to have known that you are strong enough to have experienced tens of thousands of years of suffering. You are eternal anyway what difference does it make, ultimately?

Q: Yes, what difference does it make. What is the point of it all?
B: The point is that you are the creator. You are the one looking for a purpose but recognize this: that idea of needing a specific purpose in that way, having a point to it all, is only a third density, Piscean point of view. Understand the idea, that existence existed before the idea of purpose came along. That which existed before the idea of purpose came along, does not need a purpose to continue to exist. It exists simply because it can. And it will do what it wants to simply because it can. The purpose of it all...

Q: It¹s stupid.
B: If you choose to look at it as stupid, that is your choice. But understand that you can also look at it as: the purpose of it all, is to simply do, is to simply be, is to create, because you are a creator. You can look at it as being stupid, or you can look at it as being an infinite creation of ecstasy... that is the whole point, to everything ­ for you to create whatever point to it you want there to be, and experience it, simply because you can. Because you are the creator. That is the point. Creation creates. Life is the only process necessary to create more life to live. Creation is eternal, you are only experiencing this idea of pointlessness because you are looking at this idea from within a linear time-frame. Once you allow yourself the recognition that all times are now, it will not seem pointless in that sense, because it will not seem that things drag on. You will view everything as being right now and view any possible reality as a choice you can have, right now. So understand, everything is only one point. Only now. One eternal moment. And because you are the creator, in that way, you have the ability to view things as more than just now. And that is the point to this reality. To experience all the separation, limitation and forgetfulness that was possible in this particular modality to experience. Because you want to enrich the overall understanding of what All That Is, IS. YOU, you, ALL of you, are all the different ways All That Is has of looking at itself, of realizing itself, of self-creating. That is the point, because creation is eternal and infinite. It is up to you whether you view the eternalness within ecstasy or within negativity.

Q: Well, why is it that it seems like there is no choice?
B: Because as we have said: the choice of choosing limitation is the choice of choosing that you forget you created it. That is why it seems that way ­ but that is the experience you wanted. Otherwise, if you did not forget that you created it, you would not be able to experience some of the limited viewpoints you have experienced on this planet. The purpose was to experience limitation. If you cannot forget you are the creator, you cannot experience limitation. But the idea ­ what you would call in your civilization a Catch 22, is that the choosing of that limitation brings with it a scenario that in your terms, makes it difficult to remember you created it. Now you are remembering. These are the very beginnings, the awakenings, the birth of a new idea of your TOTAL mass consciousness. It is waking up and remembering that it created the idea to begin with.

Q: Isn¹t it true that we get trapped in physicality?
B: Only in a sense. But you hold the key. You have always held the key. The trap is in forgetting that you held the key. Now you are remembering ­ so you are not trapped. And to look at physical reality as a trap, is what makes it so. Physical reality is just as valid as any other level of existence, just as beautiful, just as creative. If you choose to look at physical reality as a trap, it is no wonder that many of you get caught and caught up, in victim-hood. If you choose to view physical reality as one of the expressions of All That Is, in beauty and harmony and synchronistic vibration with everything else, then your physical reality will become Heaven on Earth. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes.
B: Thank you. Pleasant dreams.

Q: Thank you


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