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When gratitude is harmful.

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Danielle LaPorte

When gratitude is harmful.


Mondo disclaimer: I believe intensely in the power of Gratitude (note: capital G). If I were to have a religion (that's never going to happen, but if it did), it would be Gratitude. Practice gratitude -- really practice it, and it will exalt you from the shit of despair to life-sustaining bliss.


Gratitude vibrates very close to the frequency of miracles. tweet

But contrary to a lot of new age lit theory, gratitude is not always the best immediate response to what life throws at you.

As enlightened as it may sound, "finding the gift in the pain" isn't the first priority when you're actually in pain. Our suffering does NOT want to be denied or avoided, or glossed over with thankfulness. It wants our attention. When we paint over pain with premature or unexamined gratitude, we're actually delaying our healing. We're denying a critical part of our experience -- the actual suffering, in which there is incredible power and agency.

Are you grateful that you got ripped off? Or that s/he cheated on you? That you missed your flight, were utterly disrespected and/or neglected, got humiliated, had your bike stolen, grew a tumour, lost the love, were harmed, failed the test?


Wait, don't answer that yet. 1-800-New-Age-Justified-Feedback called and they said that some affirmations of gratitude will make it alllll better. That everything happens for a reason, that anger is a toxic emotion, that all is well in the universe. (All these things are true, by the way, but they're only part of the truth.)

When all is NOT well in your part of the universe, THERE -- where the wound happened. Don't make the pain pretty with the theory of gratitude; be hurt, be pissed, be furious, be weak. Be where it's ugly and uncomfortable -- without adding sweetener to it. Spare yourself the karmic explanations, the family of origin connections, the "it's all good" bullshit.

You with me? Where it hurts? Great. You may only need to be there for three seconds. Or an afternoon. (Too much time there will turn to poison, but you'll decide for yourself when you're done with the suffering. I pray you keep it brief as you can.)


And then...

In a heart beat. For how much you learned, for how the mystery leads you into a higher state of being, for how far you've come, for how very much you have to be grateful for.




By the Way, Your Home Is on Fire: The Climate of Change and the Dangers of Stasis

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 13:19 By Rebecca Solnit, TomDispatch |

As the San Francisco bureaucrats on the dais murmured about why they weren't getting anywhere near what we in the audience passionately hoped for, asked for, and worked for, my mind began to wander. I began to think of another sunny day on the other side of the country 13 years earlier, when nothing happened the way anyone expected. I had met a survivor of that day who told me his story.

A high-powered financial executive, he had just arrived on the 66th floor of his office building and entered his office carrying his coffee, when he saw what looked like confetti falling everywhere -- not a typical 66th floor spectacle. Moments later, one of his friends ran out of a meeting room shouting, "They're back."

It was, of course, the morning of September 11th and his friend had seen a plane crash into the north tower of the World Trade Center. My interviewee and his colleagues in the south tower got on the elevator. In another 15 minutes or so, that was going to be a fast way to die, but they managed to ride down to the 44th floor lobby safely. A guy with a bullhorn was there, telling people to go back to their offices.

Still holding his cup of coffee, he decided -- as did many others in that lobby -- to go down the stairs instead. When he reached the 20th floor, a voice came on the public address system and told people to go back to their offices. My storyteller thought about obeying those instructions. Still holding his coffee, he decided to keep heading down. He even considered getting back on an elevator, but hit the stairs again instead. Which was a good thing, because when he was on the ninth floor, the second plane crashed into the south tower, filling the elevator shafts with flaming jet fuel. Two hundred to 400 elevator riders died horribly. He put down his coffee at last and lived to tell the tale.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 March 2014 00:44 ) Read more...


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JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE: (with over 165 people on it so far... a great place with many photos, vid clips and articles and gatherings and actions...)

This will be A place where people can discuss civilly about the chemtrail / geo-engineering topic with resources, photos, video clips, documentaries, government files, articles, references, websites, etc... so it can be considered A place where SLO county residents can go to find out some answers...

So far, in one day, we have videographers, photographers, researchers, sick people looking for answers and many people concerned and want to know the truth about what is happening to our skies. For the first day we have superb resources and people putting forth dynamite references and information. One idea is to put the best of the best into an hour long documentary with local music and local footage as well as the most pertinent info... and take it on the road throughout the county and perhaps become a model for other counties to follow.

The information is compelling. It is NOT a left wing/right wing divide. It is not conspiratorial. The geo-engineering conferences are very public, even the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a comment to continue with the chemtrails for its work against climate change since it doesnt believe that the carbon reductions is likely to happen... and more and more enlightening information from reliable sources. Check it out and spread the word...

Right now its only on Facebook:

get connected!!

also the film WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING will be screened March 8 in Atascadero:

Laughter session: 4-5pm (at Serenity Yoga in Templeton; donation) before the Film

Dinner with Vertfoods, menu TBA, at 6pm!!! $15 for both!!! film and dinner...

film starts at 7pm...

Flyer, details, trailer, map:


Facebook INVITE page:
Last Updated ( Sunday, 23 March 2014 15:31 )

An Angel’s Abattoir

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just recently a pod of 250 dolphins was herded into the cove at Taiji...you may have heard the story. among those in the pod was an albino baby bottlenose and her mother. the story , within the story is tragic. ’Angel’ is now in a dolphinarium in Taiji, Japan and her mother, along with her companions, was tortured and killed.
below is my response to this cruel situation. the hunt , imprisonment and killing of dolphins continues daily with the Japanese government refusing to intervene claiming that the hunt  is a tradition.
this poem is written from the viewpoint of Angels mother. take it to heart and then contact the Japanese Embassy to voice your outrage.
for the Oceans     mandy davis

 albino abattoir

An Angel’s Abattoir


in the remnants of fear

     and agony

swirling, eddying tears

mixed with crimson

surround me

my pod a memory

a thrashing, will-to-live

                                    TORN   AND   TORTURED!

Moments left

i remember her

      my heart’s song

magic in her touch

                Ocean’s ‘Angel’

white, undulating, joyous

a dream of beauty

my world

                                    RIPPED   FROM   ME!

Death matters not

take me now

       my spirit broken

there is no more

drive the cruel spike

as i scream

into the empty


                                  WHY   HAVE   YOU   DONE   THIS?

Last Updated ( Friday, 31 January 2014 18:05 )

Transition Town Movement: A Critique

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Ted Trainer writes in an essay about the Transition Town movement:

The only way the global sustainability and justice predicament can be solved is via something like the inspiring Transition Towns movement. However unless the movement radically alters its vision and goals I do not think it will make a significant contribution to solving our problems.

Trainer is right, the alterations must be radical otherwise the movement will produce nothing. The majority of participants–if that is the right term–in Transition are predisposed to the sorts of thing the movement espouses. They are not people that woke up one morning and decided to participate–though I am sure the movement boasts some recent converts. They are people that have an existing interest in the what the movement stands for and sets out to do. Alex Steffen writes:

All over the world, groups of people with graduate degrees, affluence, decades of work experience, varieties of advanced training and technological capacities beyond the imagining of our great-grandparents are coming together, looking into the face of apocalypse… and deciding to start a seed exchange or a kids clothing swap.

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